Thon Maker


Sudanese-born Australian, Thon Maker is 7’1” Centre who represents the Australian National team & the Milwaukee Bucks. Maker is the first player to be drafted straight out of Highschool since the 2005 Collective Bargaining agreement went into effect. In 2017 Maker grabbed attention as he made a great contribution in the Bucks playoff series against the Toronto Raptors as he widely impressed as a rookie.

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Player Profile

Team:  Milwaukee Bucks        2016-present

  • 10th pick - 2016 NBA draft
  • February 25, 1997
  • 7 ft 1 in
  • 225 lbs
  • Power Forward / Center
  • Orangeville Prep High School

career highlights

  • 2016 All Summer League 2nd Team
  • MVP 2014 Adidas Nations tournament
  • 1st player selected straight out of high school since the 2005 CBA
  • Instagram:   thonmaker  -  147,000 followers
  • Twitter:   thonmaker14  -  43,498 followers

"Thon is going to be the MVP of the league one day. Mark it down. He has the bones. He has the appetite to be able to chase something like that."

- Kevin Garnett

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